Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Receiver v1 after a year of flying

I found a set of pictures I had taken of my old receiver a couple of months ago, from around the time I switched to using my new receiver. The poor thing has gone through multiple hard impacts, which have resulted in torn and bent connectors and cracked solder joints. It has been through the rain and the snow. For all practical purposes however it still works today. I think I'll keep this one in my Elektro Rookie after I finally get my Skywalker in the air.

Top view. The sharpie markings used to read "5GS" to remind me of the incorrect pinout
You can see the deformations left behind by multiple crashes
The microcontroller (Atmel Atmega168)
A bodge wire routes 5V to the GPS. The original design had it connected to the 3.3V regulator
There is no antenna connected to the receiver in these pictures. I can't quite remember what I had done with it or why. Right now it has a 1/4 wave whip (that's just a wire about 82 millimeters long) connected and it works great.

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  1. Hi, Antti.

    Honestly speaking, I don't understand the pictures you posted but it looks so cool!

    -J. Lee