Saturday, October 10, 2015

Ferrograph Aurora 63 LED sign wall mount

So my wife OK'd the wall installation of my Ferrograph Aurora 63. The idea was to have it over the entryway door showing the weather forecast. This makes it easier to choose appropriate clothes when dressing the kids. The Bluetooth modification of my Ferrograph Aurora 63, covered earlier in this blog, was the first step in this project.

Figure 1. The display showing a message on my work bench.

The wall mount I built is just a 1100x200 mm wooden shelf attached to the wall with three brackets. The display hangs from the shelf with 4 M3 screws. The heads of the screws are captive in the mounting slot on the top of the display. I first attached the shelf to the wall and then slid the display onto the hanging M3 screws. After everything was fixed, I drilled a hole through the wall for the power cable.

Figure 2. The screws can move in the mounting slot of the display so that the display can be slid from side to side.

Of course not everything went quite to plan. The screw holes for two of the brackets originally hit some concrete inside the wall, and while I could have drilled the holes with my hammer drill, I opted to move the brackets instead. This of course left some slightly ugly extra holes in both the shelf as well as the wall. I'll probably fix these later, as I still have to take the display down to paint it white. Also the shelf is a quarter of a degree crooked, which is visible as it is so close to the ceiling.

Figure 3. Close up on the power cable junction (I'll install a junction box for this) and the extra holes in the shelf and the wall.

Figure 4. This is how it looks like.

Anyway, I declare this a success. Now to write some code to have it display useful stuff.

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